Design Project

I’ve completed this, and the rationale for it. Find links to both at the top of the page. Merry Xmas!

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Harvard Referencing and models

Using Prezi should fit in with Cognitive learning theories, in that it will create “interactive environments for construction of understanding” (Mayes and de Freitas (2004) p. 13)

Mayes, T. and de Freitas, S. (2004) Review of e-learning theories, frameworks and models [online]. Available from: <>  Accessed on: 20-Nov-12

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Design Project

As of right now, I’m thinking of looking at the use of Prezi.

Prezi is a presentation tool that’s sharable, so designing a learning activity using Prezi addresses issues relating to collaboration as well as communication. It’s increasingly popular at Hull College as a more flexible and interesting alternative to PowerPoint.

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What do I make of blogging?


  • Fairly easy to use
  • Can be accessed and updated while on the move
  • Points can be illustrated with links, images and video clips
  • Information can be tagged for later retrieval


  • My particular style of reflection takes place in my head – feels strange to write it down as well
  • Social media overload – blog can be updated easily, but then there’s my other blogs. And Twitter. And Facebook. And my College’s VLE. And so on.
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My Skills

Well let’s see…

I have a fair few qualifications in English, write helpsheets etc. and proofread things that other people have done.

I also have a PTLLS and CTLLS teaching qualifications and quite enjoy teaching, though not at the time.

I can get 100% playing lead guitar on ‘Hey Bulldog’ on Beatles RockBand.

I probably have other skills but those are the ones that come to mind right now.

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Lemurs and fezzes and fish, oh my

My office Рrecorded on my phone for an eLearning session back in February to show how easy it is.

Youtube embed test. Slightly different procedure on WordPress to what I’m used to – you have to choose the ‘text’ tab and then paste in the video url (not the embed code).

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Hello world!

So. Here we are then. 3rd attempt at a blog. I’m already being scolded for using an insecure browser.

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